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How does our professional dog boarding service work?

We provide first class dog care, a home away from home for your best friend. As simple as that.

We promise that your dog will have a great time but be warned that he or she might not want to come home!

The first step is to ask you to complete an owner registration form. (Click here to download a PDF version of the form)

We will ask you to give us a lot of information about your dog, including its likes and dislikes and your likes and dislikes. From this we can see which of our lovely carers would be best for you both. We will then get you to ‘meet- up’ - so you take your best friend to the carer’s home so you can meet the person who may be trusted with looking after him. We think that this meeting is such an important step.

Meeting up and seeing the surroundings will leave you with complete peace of mind and both parties can agree that they are 100% happy with the proposed arrangement before the booking is made.  

We know from our experience that there is no point sending you and your boisterous black Labrador to a carer who loves little lap dogs.  This just won’t work!  We aim to send you to meet the most suitable carer first time and when you meet the carer we have selected for you, you will know we did our homework!

As dog owners ourselves, we know that this meeting is so important.  We realise you can’t commit to leaving your dog with a stranger so we won’t confirm your booking until you’ve all met up. If either or both parties think a trial stay or sleepover would be beneficial then this will be arranged for you.

Once you have met  we can arrange pet transport if you need it, at an additional agreed charge.

We will ask you to confirm that your dog:
  • Has up to date injections
  • Has up-to-date worming and parasite programmes
  • Is fully housetrained
  • No aggressive and anti-social behaviour
  • Is not likely to be destructive in the Carer’s home
  • Has no current health problems that would prevent care being provided
  • Has adequate up to date pet insurance
Owners accept full responsibility to recompense a carer for the cost of any damage caused by their pet/s and undertake to meet any veterinary costs that may arise during a period of care. If no pet insurance is in place, we may ask you to sign a disclaimer that you will meet any other costs normally covered by such insurance.  

In addition we request you to provide essential care items such as food, bowls, collar and lead, poo bags, a towel, bedding and toys for your dog's stay with a Carer.  


The current care rates for single dogs are £22.00 per calendar day (i.e. per day or part day) and the rate charged will reflect the level of care required for your dog. We have separate scales for owners wishing us to look after more than one dog at a time and consider discounts for continuous bookings in excess of 21 days duration in one stay.

The rate will also depend upon the time of year for your booking, the amount of notice given of your requirements and Carer availability.

In addition to the daily rate, there is also an annual registration fee of £25. This is payable at the time of registration and includes the administration costs involved in setting up the matching meeting and also in subsequently confirming your booking and other follow up activities.  

50% of the booking fee is ordinarily payable with the confirmation of the booking, with the balance falling due six weeks in advance of the booking commencement date. Where a booking is accepted at shorter notice, full payment is required immediately in order to secure the booking.

We accept cheques and payments into our account, via the internet.

Once a booking has been confirmed, a £15.00 administration fee may be charged should any subsequent changes be requested. Additionally, late payments will attract a £15 late payment fee.

Should payment not be received in full prior to the booking, we reserve the right to cancel your dog’s stay with our carer, unless prior agreement had been made with us.

In the event of cancellation by the customer, after a booking has been confirmed, our cancellation terms are as follows:

Period of Notice of Cancellation Amount Payable
  • more than 6 weeks before care commences = 25% of booking fee 
  • 6 weeks to 2 weeks before care commences = 50% of booking fee 
  • less than 2 weeks before care commences = 100% of booking fee  
To see our full Terms and Conditions please click here

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