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Dog Carers

Carers have told us that these are the benefits of being a registered Carer with Pets and People:
  • A personal introduction to the owner and dog(s) before having to commit to a booking.
  • The chance to build up a relationship with both the dogs and owners. 
  • The reassurance that advice, support and back up is available in the event of unforeseen circumstances. 
  • They find it interesting to meet other dogs and watch them interact with their own dogs, where they have them 
  • They find it great fun! 
  • They are paid a small amount for doing something they enjoy, (which is a bonus!), without having to deal with asking for the money themselves. 
If this sounds interesting then please review and complete our Carers registration form. (Click here to download a PDF version of the form). We have added some further information below but please contact us if you need to ask anything. When you have completed the form please return it to us at 11 Lingfield Crescent, Stratford upon Avon, CV37 9LX or email to happydogs@petsandpeople.co.uk

Our Ideal Carer is;

  • A genuine dog lover, with experience, affection, compassion and understanding of dogs. 
  • A person who is willing to welcome someone else’s dog into their home as part of their family. 
  • Able to provide the daily walks, exercise and play required. 
  • Someone who is at home most of the day. 
  • Happy to agree and feed a dog strictly on the diet and food provided by the owner.
Our carers or host families have a variety of home circumstances, but the main thing they all have in common is that they love dogs and spend most of their time at home or around the house. Perhaps they work from home, have children to care for during the day or have retired from work and looking for a worthwhile activity that they can enjoy with their own dog.

Carers Frequently Asked Questions; 

How many weeks per year do you expect me to give as a Carer?
You may give as much or as little time as you want, our arrangement with you is entirely flexible. We will always ask you if you are available before suggesting a dog to you. Once the period of the stay has been confirmed in writing with you, we do expect you to honour that booking and to keep that period free.
Will I be able to look after the same dogs each time they need a Carer?
Yes definitely, we give you the opportunity to care for the dogs that you have had before, unless of course you are already booked. Our carers experience lots of repeat visits, as once you have had a dog to stay their owner will ask for you the next time.
Will I be expected to look after several dogs at a time?
No, it is our company policy that you only look after the dogs from one family at a time.
What happens if a dog in my care has an accident or is ill?
We provide you with support and back up if you have any problems or concerns. You are also provided with our ‘out of hours’ emergency number should you need to contact us. Additionally we have arrangements with the owners’ vets to provide treatment and advice if necessary along with pet insurance details, microchip numbers and our third party liability insurance cover. 
How much will I earn while registered as a Carer?
Ok, you’re not going to make a fortune doing this but this we will give you on average 60-65% of the daily rate we take. That’s usually between £10 and £12 per day, Owners provide food, treats, poo bags etc and in fact you should not have any expenses at all. You will be self employed and not an employee of Pets and People. We do not deduct PAYE or NI and it is your responsibility to declare the money received to HMRC

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